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It's all about bullets and knives...

Bullets & Knives are an alternative rock band from Gembloux, Belgium created around the tortured dreams of frontman Julien Delaye.
“I grew up with this incredible pain since I was 8 years old. One day I had no choice anymore and I decided to stop the pain. I went to the balcony of our apartment block and jumped from the 7th floor. I landed on a car. As you can see I’m still alive. People around me always told me that I survived because I had something great to realize. I always thought that it was music.” - Julien Delaye
Bullets & Knives draw their energy from 90’s rock, punk and grunge and morph it all into melodic melancholy that has a visceral darkness at its core, reminding us that the story of a life is the story of suffering.
“There is a cinematic quality to the song as the crashing guitars shrill with dramaticgrandeur through the thick, muggy soundscape. Magnificent, brawny alternative rock. Impressive.” - Indie Buddie
The band comprises Julien on vocals & rhythm guitar, Kevin on lead guitar, Sam on bass and Maxime on drums. The band members met each other on Belgium’s alternative rock scene and formed out of the remains of projects as the last men standing. Influenced and inspired by Muse, Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Placebo, Deftones, Tool, Faith No More, Depeche Mode, Megadeth and Iron Maiden, they started writing progressive material that quickly got them noticed by blogs.
Try to think back to the first time you heard a new band that you instantly fell in love with. Meaningful songwriting, soaked in darkness. Fantastic. Listen loud.” - StereoStickman
“Progressive. Creative. Memorable. Consistently unpredictable and ever-evolving. The sound is huge, passionate and colourful, multi-layered and energising – as well as quietly contemplative when it needs to be.” - Static Dive
Their self-released debut album «The Art of Dying », an ode to man’s self-destruction, is a perfect example of 12 alternative tracks that manage to be melodic and melancholic as well as powerful and dynamic at the same time. Always looking forward to the journey that leads you to what you try to hide but can’t escape.
“A quintessential ode to pounding, sprightly riffs and prodigious lyricism. An anthemic masterpiece.” - RGM

For Fans of Ghinzu, Triggerfinger, Muse, Royal Blood, Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers, Audioslave, Foo Fighter, QOTSA, A Perfect Circle

No one can hear the callI'm just a lonely man


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You are such a thiefYou stole my heart


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Will you take me by your side?

Your journey

Can you hear the sound?The sound of the Carillon


There is a land for all of us


The Art of Dying 

First Album, 2019€9,99



New Single, 2020€1,29

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